The Future Is Yesterday

I remember when we got our Sega Mega Drive. It was a good day. It was also a day in 1995, approximately half a decade after the original release of the Mega Drive.

This is a similarly momentous event. A mere 10 years and 8 months after the word “blog” was coined (tru fax, fact-fans) I have decided to leap with both feet into this turn-of-the-millenium medium.

Yesterday's future

Fig1: The goddam future. From YesterdayTM

Anyway, enough of the preamble. I guess it’s time to lay out my stall. I *HEART* science. And so I want to write about it. I work in academia and have also worked in an industrial context (bah, says I to doing that again). To me, science isn’t just a dry collection of facts. It’s about much more than that. It is a way of perceiving and experiencing the world. It’s a way of navigating and operating. Oh, and I get to play with lasers. Kapow!

I intend to just prattle on about things that interest me on this blog. Sometimes they may be things of a specific nature. Other times it might be a broad topic. I just don’t know.

Finally, I know that you always get better at things the more you do them. So there may well be a learning curve for me. I don’t really care about getting a faithful readership until I can write… erm… good.


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